Student Laundry Service

At Bye Bye Laundry we understand the unique needs of college students.  Between classes, studying, working, networking and social activities your time is in high demand and doing laundry is the last thing that you want to do or to think about.  Worrying about laundry can be be a worry of the past, just select the semester or full year plan.  We will even prorate a plan for you if it is not at the beginning of a semester.

We understand how student life works so we make it easy to ensure you will always have freshly folded clean laundry all semester or year long.  Just one easy payment at the beginning of the semester just like the rest of your school expenses.

Bypass the Laundromat

I love going to the laundromat said no student ever.  Now you can completely disregard the laundrymat and not have to sort, separate, wash, dry and fold your own laundry.  Just sing-up with Bye Bye Laundry and the let us take care of all of your laundry needs.

Enjoy Student Discounts

When singing up for a semester or year, you are taking advantage of incredible saving exclusively for college students.  It is over 20% off our standard weekly rate!  Sign-up Now!

Get Started Today!

It is time to stop wasting your time doing laundry.  Sign-up today and free yourself from the burden of laundry.