Bye Bye Laundry Pricing

We believe in keeping our pricing simple for our customers.  This is why we only charge by the bag.  No weighing needed.  Just choose the service plan that works best for you and schedule your pick-up and drop-off times.  No need to worry about anything else.  One of our customer service agents will contact you about scheduling your pick-up and drop-offs.

Bye Bye Laundry Service Plans

Say Bye-Bye to the time wasting activity of doing laundry.  Say hello to more time for doing the things you want like socializing, working, studying, sports and creating the relationships that you will carry with you throughout life.

Student Laundry Service Plans

Student Semester (Can be prorated): $330 Sign-up Now

Student Full Year (Can be prorated): $600 Sign-up Now

Residential Laundry Service Plans

Monthly:  $110/mo Sign-up Now

6 Months:  $600 Sign-up Now

12 Months:  $1160 Sign-up Now

Get Started Today!

It is time to stop wasting your time doing laundry.  Sign-up today and free yourself from the burden of laundry.